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Course Construction on Earth | 20 a 26 of August

From 20 a 26 August we will have a course of earth construction with the collective Jallalla. The course focuses on a daring construction of two floors with the use of wood and clay that will be applied techniques Cob, Terrapalha plaster and clay and lime. It will also be a week of living and strong […]

Permaculture Design Course with Josh Gomez

A Permacultura, set of techniques that integrate agriculture, design, biobuilding and ethical principles through simulation and improvement of patterns found in nature, It has the very few practices the potential to change the world and the life of each of us. Neste Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with Josh Gomez, recognized by the UK […]

Natural Engineering with Carlo Bifulco

A 14 e 15 July, we are privileged to receive one of the leading experts at a global level in the area, or Carlo Bifulco, to a pioneering training in Natural Engineering. The experience of Carlo does not fit in a publication: He directed the Vesuvius National Park, He was president of APENA – Portuguese Association of Natural Engineering, […]

CESA's summer schedule

Consult here all the information about the summer courses in the CESA Ecovillage to Janas! Crafts to natural building, the highlight is an innovative training in Natural Engineering with Carlo Bifulco, Director of the Natural Park Montes Sibilini in Italy (14 e 15 July), for the 3rd edition of our course […]

Sponsors and Partners

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