Now you can offer a training voucher with your friends and family for motivares to learn in our activities, events and training on a variety of practical and creative crafts and issues related to sustainability and ecology.
O Voucher tem a valid for one year and can be acquired in two ways: you can choose in advance the training offer (no voucher aparece o evento) consulting our agenda de eventos or you can choose a value to offer and choose who gets the training or event after (no voucher aparece o valor).
Vouchers can be mailed or acquired directly on Ecoaldeia de Janas.
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In the case of the check be Voucher voucher-type with a monetary value set (and receiver selects the training), when the book value exceeds the training offered, It will be the participant to contribute the difference to ensure the presence at the event to select.
In any of the options, If the dates are not compatible with the availability of the recipient of the voucher value is in purse / credit so it can be used in another event / training. In this case we ask you to let us know in advance as a matter of management of registrations and limited spaces for training.
The voucher is valid for one year from the date it is issued by the Ecovillage to Janas.

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