Open applications

Applications are open to various areas of intervention to strengthen teams in the projects that are part of the initiative of the Ecovillage of Janas

Applications are open and can be delivered to the address along with a letter of motivation and professional references. We will confirm the receipt of applications and seek to know all the candidates from regretting ever for downtime is not possible for us to do it all.

Share and if they want to make an application and read our proposals and do it in full understanding of the proposal.

Manager of the Social Area
variable hours
40 hours / week
Necessarily shared in residential home-shelter with an intern of the same sex.
minimum duration: 3 months with the possibility of continuing
included Accommodation and Food
The manager position in the social area is one of the most important functions within the Dolmen Association. Their work shapes the principles of functioning of the entire collective and ensures that ecological assumptions and philosophy of the project are applied daily.
It ensures that quality standards are met with students, visitors, customers while safeguarding the welfare and working conditions of the staff Associação.É intense position that centralizes all the action of the collective, in close collaboration with the Directorate of the Association and highly rewarding as far as feeling entire project to move forward and grow.description:
The Social Manager has three major responsibilities:
Nutrition Management: Restaurant Aldea and Quinta do Luzio along with agriculture responsible, the chef and the representative of Volunteers ensuring proper management of surplus vegetables, one menu to bring a balanced and nutrition omnivorous (always with vegan option) and respecting the quota pre biologics- defined.
the Common Space Management: Ensure in coordination with the Ecolodge manager the proper functioning of the Mother House of Quinta do Luzio, monitor the proper use of infrastructure and equipment by the staff and visitors and guests
Administrative management: Along ensure the CESA prosecutors successfully receiving students and visitors, support in organizing training eventsMain responsibilities:
Develop collaboratively the Menus and work schedules in Cuisines want the Coop Aldea, either from Quinta do Luzio
Manage food inventories and supplies of the Quinta do Luzio
To support the reception of guests Ecolodge, giving direct support to the responsible for the cleaning and the laundry
Conduct guided tours of the Farm
Encouraging the constant improvement of the services and equipment available to visitors, guests, students and staff with particular focus on developing a business circuit and auxiliary signs
Assist in receiving public events: Formations, school visits, etc

Competency Profile:
Meet and share the mission of the Association and have a genuine passion for ecology.
being Bilingual (Portuguese and English fluently)
Dynamism sharp and pragmatism; have capacity “multi-tasking!”
Previous experience in collective or farms that share the same principles or practices
Experience professional level management of emails and public relations
Be flexible and tolerant face unforeseen

CESA promoter
Consult the Promoter's Guide ON HERE
Nominations are open for the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2018


Cooperating for Counter Service / Room – cooperative Village

time Variable
40 hours / week
minimum duration: 3 months with the possibility of continuing
variable compensation depending on the results of the Cooperative Branchdescription:
Tour service and care on Groceries with casual support in the kitchen CupMain responsibilities:
Service at the counter, living room, terrace and grocery store in the Cooperative Aldea
Inventory management
Greetings HACCP goalsCompetency Profile:
Previous experience required
being Bilingual (Portuguese and English fluently)
Have a deep passion for ecology and a thorough knowledge of healthy eating and organic
Dynamism and sharp taste for contact with customers
Meet and share the values ​​and principles of cooperatives
Be open to a remuneration model for cooperative share ========================================= ============Kitchen assistant – cooperative Village

Preparation, manufacture and support the pantry in kitchen

Main responsibilities:
Following efficient methods of preparation and aligned with the inflow space
Inventory management
Compliance with HACCP goals
Prepare meals in line with the ecological principles of the Cooperative, respecting the quotas of predefined Bio products
Perform pantry and daily cleaning kitchen

Competency Profile:
Previous experience required
Have a deep passion for ecology and a thorough knowledge of healthy eating and organic
dynamism accentuated, flexibility, tolerance and ability to work in team
Meet and share the values ​​and principles of cooperatives
Be open to a remuneration model for cooperative share