Reside or attend a Local Initiative

Step 1

Participation in a season Volunteering no minimum of 30 days | visit the page of Volunteering for more info

This first step begins with a visit to the Ecovillage, meet the team and see what we do and want to do. Voluntarily and collaboratively we hope for your help in various tasks and activities, within an experience and a volunteer season.

Step 2

Join the Associates Club Associação Dólmen | visit our Members Club page for more info


Step 3

Collaboration Long Term (equated to volunteering and in an area or initiative project) Duration 3 months | contact for more info

This is a season with a more committed presence in a Project Area and mentor / coordinator who meets with your motivations and intentions to undertake an activity in the Ecovillage. This season we want to ensure that the residence and contribution for a more direct interaction and there is room for your ideas and contributions in some decision-making processes of the Ecovillage.


Step 4

Residence and / or Integration of Local Initiatives on Ecoaldeia de Janas.

From this moment it will be integrated in decision-making and construction of the Ecovillage on the project area and you want to develop intervention. You can be a resident or made regular contributor working daily in your Local Initiative.