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In Ecovillage to Janas developed a range of programs under the name CESA – Education Center for Sustainability and Environment. We believe in a practical and non-formal learning experience and we have a more stock 30 trainers in various areas.

Our principles of non-formal education are closely linked to the practice sustainability issues, the nature of values, to work with the earth, the appreciation of the traditions and handicrafts and learning “do-you-even”.

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These are some of the formations that we can collaborate with the bag of trainers and CESA:

  • beekeeping: introduction, general, advanced (topbar, creation of queens, genetical enhancement, varroa, apicultura natural)
  • natural building (roundwood timberframing, lime plaster and stone, mortars cob, straw bales, partitions, etc.)
  • carpentry (structures and joinery)
  • composting, vermicompostagem e solos
  • renewable energy (Solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, biomass, biogas, biodigestores)
  • manufacturing cider and craft beer
  • creative power (dehydration and vegetable preserves, fruit)
  • Cosmetics natural and essencial oils
  • medicinal plants (cultivation and propagation, properties and uses)
  • cultivation and production mushrooms
  • pruning and maintenance trees
  • agroforestry, feeding forest (food forest)
  • horticulture biological, farming regenerative
  • crafts traditional (basketry, pottery, Offer, weaving, etc.)
  • serralharia
  • among others.


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