Permaculture Design Course with Josh Gomez

A Permacultura, set of techniques that integrate agriculture, design, biobuilding and ethical principles through simulation and improvement of patterns found in nature, It has the very few practices the potential to change the world and the life of each of us. Neste Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with Josh Gomez, recognized by the UK Permaculture Associationn, the reference institution in the accreditation area at a global level, we learn and apply these principles intensively, between 15 a 26 of August, with a day interval to enjoy and celebrate life through.

The course will prepare graduates for ethics, agroecology, the climate and soil studies, water management, the principles of agroforestry and the various methods used in agricultural design Permaculture, forming with a reference area. No final, accredited with a PDC, the student can start your process to become a true permaculturist!

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