Course Introduction to Carpentry - Afonso David

Co-founders and Residents

Afonso David

Since 2009 that collective founder sou do membro Permanent Gardens, with which I have held various design work, Consulting and implementation of gardens, Gardens and orchards in accordance with the principles of Agroecology. I am an enthusiast of crafts related to wood and green building, having worked as an apprentice for 2011 with one of the most respected Sintra joinery master. Through following a training course "formal" in Environmental Engineering. I am a co-founding member of Janas of Ecovillage and local initiatives Sustainable Janas Village which had an initial route through Sintra in Transition. Right now I'm the coordinator, trainer and coach Natural and Construction Carpentry on Ecoaldeia de Janas.

Amandine Gameiro

Environmental Engineer and Master in restoration of ecosystems based training, from an early age fell in love with ecology and conservation of natural values ​​always on the areas of active citizenship and social entrepreneurship. Since 2009 which has interconnected areas and put into practice knowledge in ecology, Management of Environmental Systems, education and training into practice sustainability and active public participation. In 2012 It became forming permaculture through mentor Rosemary Morrow Blue Mountain Institute (Out) and from 2010 participating actively in the Transition movement. Co-fundadora, illustrator and coordinator CESA (Training Center for Sustainability and Environment) the Ecovillage of Janas and that has enabled students and the general public formations in the area of ​​sustainability from 2012 in several areas. Recently cooperates actively in Bulk of Janas, Network consumption&collaborative production of Sintra. In parallel studies and sharing lessons in Ashtanga Yoga Janas e TerraCura.

Silvia Fonseca

My desktop is education. Educator and am working with children from 1982. With them and they have learned that it is worth changing my personal outlook on life. Evolve, share experiences, learn from others has made me closer to the earth, of living beings that inhabit it and above all has made me a being more attentive and dynamic. Since 2012 It supports and streamlines activities together with the team being responsible and talented in the preparation of processed products and craft. President of Associação Dólmen, the institutional body that supports the project and establishes strategic partnerships.

Silvia Roman

I come from a village called Asturias Cornellana, after studying some anhos Agroambiental Engineering at the University of León, I decided to direct my life towards a simpler life, honest and satisfactory, it is to live on Earth and the Earth, so I began this project with the help of many people in the Ecovillage Janas, a place that offers the power and the knowledge to make this idea a reality. The Permanent seeds began to principles of 2014, translade when I finally moved to Sintra and I began to develop the selection, planting and maintenance of both rare plant, as traditional.

Management activities not das Land, accounting for daily teams 10 the most national and international volunteers. Co-founder and farmer responsible for Ecovillage of Janas of gardens taking shape Research and Development Center for Regenerative Agriculture (CEDAR) and which integrates many trainees annually and experiential learning programs and continuous.

Employees and Interns

Michael Younger (Mushroom production, Animal management, Carpentry and Agriculture)

Duarte Alvim and Anabela Candeias (Craft Beer Production)

Anabela Candeias and Harald Hafner (Educational apiary Janas)

Jeff Anderson e WOOFF Portugal (Nursery trees for Agroforestry)

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