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General course NATURAL CONSTRUCTION – 3edition

28 July, 2018 at 9:30 - 4 August, 2018 at 18:00

€40 - €315

In this Natural Construction course we will make known the bases and foundations of a wide range of bio-construction techniques: carpentry and woodwork logs (roundwood), green manuring (greenroofing), partitions, Dry sanitation and alternative energy, Construction of clay, mortars and grouts and flooring with traditional ceramics (the application process). Participants will learn the fundamentals and practical applications of different materials with an experienced and multi-faceted team and participate in an installation to complement the technical knowledge with practice.

The Ecovillage is applied from Janas 2012 various natural building techniques being today an example and experimental laboratory techniques that complement all training on the subject of bio-construction.


This is the 3edition, a residential course run by a team of technical trainers in bio-construction and specially prepared to integrate complementary and fundamental issues for any application in real context. The first two editions received about 70 trainees over several days learned in practice a wide range of techniques bioconstruction forming a renowned pool.


​ 28 July to Saturday 4 August, 2018 – from 9:30 to 18:30

To present the fundamental bases, processes and traditional techniques of a wide range of techniques in natural building and a technical team with extensive experience and portfolio and they can share this knowledge with the students in technical training day. The aim will be teaching the basics, with practical demonstration of actual cases and apply the technique and / Ecovillage suitable material to Janas facilities.

The full program is designed for participants to acquire a theoretical and practical and technical knowledge so that at the end of training are eligible to apply, developing professional field of natural building, curriculum supplement in the area and network creation with technical and experienced in the area.


Photo Album of the 1st edition 2016





Aimed at beginners, amateurs and professionals (or related) who want to supplement their experience and knowledge with a large group of experienced trainers and a real context *. It is not necessary previous experience.

*The Ecovillage to Janas has since 2012 developed with various natural building techniques and approaches (madeira, carpentry, bricks and mortar, cob, straw bales, green roofs, among others) and an educational perspective vivo and is a demonstrative example of various structures. Stage numerous formations on these issues from the beginning, have passed many hundreds of trainees and employees in models of practical learning and continues on natural building and in this case concrete, all aspects related to the world of carpentry.

Dates and Workshops of the Complete Course and Training

Day 1 – 28 July - Introduction to Natural Building - Américo Firmino (Earth Works)
Day 2 – 29 July - Building with Natural Fibers and Land - Américo Firmino (Earth Works)
Day 3 – 30 July - Carpentry and Structure in Toros, Green roofs and partitions - Afonso David (Sintra Woods & Ecoaldeia de Janas)
Day 4 – 31 July - The Metal Construction in Alternative - Jerónimo João Ribeiro (Modern factory)
Day 5 – 1 Aug - Sanitation and dry WS - Jorge Crespo (Joana Vale)
Day 6 – 2 Ago - Alternative Energy - Jorge Crespo (Joana Vale)
Day 7 – 3 Aug - Mortars and plasters - Diogo Pires (GEOBIOTEC, DDL Mortars)
Day 8 – 4 Aug - Handmade Ceramic Materials - Team Awning: Arqª. Joan Trinity, Mafalda Rosario Master (Convent workshops)

Technical objectives of each workshop and Transversal to Complete Course

- Brief general introduction on the topic / technique.
- Technical Fundamentals and demonstration of technical applications / materials in different contexts.
- identify and characterize various hand tools (and / or machines where applicable) and instruments for technical application.
- Run and actually implement a simple process involving elementary operations, a permanent construction or a modular construction enabling the demonstration and forming exercise in the training.

General Program for Workshop | Day | Theme | Former


Day 1. Introduction to Natural Building

This day will be directed to the introduction of bio-construction with sharing and Américo Firmino experience that will expose the state of the art on the subject in Portugal and traditional building techniques. It will also be a theoretical and practical workshop where they will be exposed knowledge and experience on the subject, allowing put their hands dirty and take the students on a journey in which tradition and contemporaneity, sculpture, the architecture and the preservation of nature are combined in a whole and that can inhabit.


Day 2. Natural fibers and construction with earth

This day will be the 2nd complement of the course starts, deepening the theme of traditional building techniques. It includes theoretical and practical fundamental component to the journey of practical workshops that include the full cycle of techniques throughout the week. Next will be discussed various construction techniques on the ground and fiber.


Day 3. Carpentry and Structure in Toros | Green Roofs and Walls

In this training we will get to know one of the fundamental techniques for unprocessed wood construction, that is, in logs and the various fittings for different structural features. The trainees will start to carpentry and working with wood, cuts, the preparation, fittings and construction, David direction Afonso, bioconstrutor, Carpenter and permaculturist. The Forest Management will also be addressed in a practical optical, with reference to the existing resources of the Portuguese forest, harvest seasons and species and their applications. The practical part involves applying some of the techniques in structure development and where to run multiple applications over the week, integrating various techniques and materials. In the second part of the training we dedicate us two of the most used techniques in natural building: green cover roofs and the use of partitions for lifting and non-structural interior walls. We will know the theoretical foundations and some case studies, and to apply the techniques in the field. There are several types of application, depending on where, tilt, the purpose and available resources. Trainees will learn what solutions and resources that apply to each situation, since structural materials (in both techniques), and waterproofing, the irrigation equipment and plant cover, whose plants have specific requirements (no caso do greenroofing). Afonso David will also share real practical examples of some green roofs installed in the Ecovillage to Janas.


Day 4. Metal Construction in Natural / Alternative

The necessity of working with metals extends to various areas. Construction and permaculture are no exception.
Since the construction of structures, Work Tools, accessories for food and agriculture metal is present and its construction has to be developed using the tools and techniques to learn in this training.
Several common techniques will be developed for different areas connected to the metal. Traçagem, cut, limagem, hurricane, fold, threading, trace metals


Day 5. Drainage Construction and dried WS

On this day we have the presence of Jorge Crespo, bioconstrutor and technical alternative energy, and it will drive the group of trainees in a dry installation structure reorganization. This structure is an alternative to the conventional system used in our homes, requires no plumbing, It can be transportable, and the compound is worked back and reused for (eco)system. Everything is able to be made and return to the soil. That's why one of the forms of reuse of "energy". It will also be a day dedicated to alternative energies and trainees will be introduced to the different simple and accessible from the perspective of the ordinary and home user solutions that comes to the installation of various energy recycling techniques (solar, thermal, biogas, among others).


Day 6 . Alternative energies

We went back to get Jorge Crespo a day dedicated to alternative energies. The students are introduced to different simple and accessible in common household user and optical solutions is that the installation of various energy reuse techniques (solar, thermal, biogas, among others).


Day 7. Mortars and plasters

On this day we have the presence of Diogo Pires, research and technical mortars and plasters, that will empower students with all the essentials on the subject, from different types of materials, basic constitution of resources and different mixtures that can be created depending on the application, structure, durability and the effect desired (aesthetic and thermal). It will be an essentially technical workshop will provide participants with basic knowledge and complete for its uses in the future, and further complementing activity in a practical application in a structure development during the course of biobuilding.


Day 8. Handmade Ceramic Materials - process the application

Next workshop, the team of the Convent of the workshops will empower students with the practical foundations of land use as traditional ceramic materials for construction and paving. After a brief approach to the historical context and contemporary application of the earth as a structural material, the foundations will be exposed to various processes and applications: This way the extraction and preparation, modulation of different forms, the creation of raw land and terracotta and his cooking, the application of brick and tiles and also through the traditional paving of "threshing", whose presence and role in traditional houses and estates has always been properly recognized.


Course Organization, Residence, Alimentation


during these 8 day course, the Ecovillage to Janas provides facilities and equipment.

It is a formation (ideally) residential and 8 days and therefore it is suggested that trainees can be accommodated (in camping) the Ecovillage to Janas for a real experience and completes the educational level. However, it is understood that not all students can get to live so it is stipulated a fixed schedule of training (9h30 to 18:30) and some extra activities (optional) and can be inserted in the program at the end of the day (presentations, movies, etc).

The course includes a lunch every day prepared by Ecovillage team of Janas / Cooperative ALDEA, as well as 2 coffee breaks throughout the day. For those who opt for the residential version, The course also includes a dinner and a breakfast and adapted room for camping **.

materials needed

For the training component: Clothing and comfortable footwear for practicing portion and adapted to summer temperatures (including all the necessary sun protection) , canteen of water and sunscreen.

For trainees with own carpentry material, They can bring their own tools if they are marked with a sign, and that themselves are responsible for their use and care, even if they choose to share with others formed during the formation.

For trainees in residential format: try and material support to stay in camping, flashlight, towel and biological personal hygiene products.

Registration fee | Investment

- Complete Course 8 days with residence * + Power Base ** | 315€ / person
- Complete Course 8 days without residence + 1 meal *** | 250€ / people
- Complete Course 8 days without residence without meal | 200€ / people
– Workshop Técnico**** 1 DIA / Vulso | 40 eur / person (without meal)


* Residence in camping (bring tent and support material for this type of accommodation)
** power base: breakfast + lunch + dinner
*** breakfast Included
**** For participants with previous experience or students of the Course Introduction to Carpentry (or similar)

SUBSCRIPTION by purchasing tickets online ecoaldeiajanas.org/ecoloja

Summer Training 2018 Long Term in Construction in the Ecovillage of Janas

16 a 22 July | Construction Course House in Madeira –> +info here
28 of the July 4 of August | Natural Course Construction (3edition)

20 a 26 of August | Construction in progress Land –> +info here

Trainers and Professional Portfolios


Day 1 e 2 – Américo Firmino - Earth Works

Américo Firmino is certified trainer by IEFP with level 5. It began as a trainer Film and Video Technologies 1983. He attended the General Course in Visual Arts Antonio Arroyo and the General Course in Electrical Fonseca Benevides. Since 1977 did several courses in Portugal, France and England in the areas of Photography, mechanics, Electricity, electronics, Cinema, Edition, Video and Television. In 1984 It was praised by "the Army Staff" for the provided performance in the Army Film Library. In 1986 He directed the short film "Silver Salts" that would be the Fiction Prize Juvecine Festival, having been aired by RTP-2. Up until 1993 coached Sound and Video of the National Ballet Company and the National Theater of Sao Carlos. In 1993 He accepted the invitation of Culturgest to coordinate Audiovisual.

In 2011 He fell in love with Natural Building and has been studying various construction processes. He attended several trainings with domestic and foreign masters, having in-depth knowledge in various construction systems and natural materials, including vaults techniques, having been touched by the beauty of the Mexican vaults and simplicity of Nubian vaults. studied clays, limes and plasters. In recent years he directed the project Taipa 2 (Building construction completed in Taipa 2015) where you could experiment and explore some less common techniques in this kind of buildings. He attended the Escuela de Patrimonio de Nájera the pastures covers course with Master Antonio Gandano and began the study of Geobiology with Fernando Perez. He attended the ISEL the Buildings Inspection Course, which deepened knowledge of the major diseases of old and contemporary buildings.

It began publicly as a trainer in Bioconstruction in collaboration with the Association Art Studio and Imaginary comes regularly collaborating in Ecovillage Natural Construction courses of Janas.
parallel, He has held technical advisory duties in the rehabilitation and restoration of old buildings and new projects oriented.


Day 3 – Afonso David - Sintra Woods and Ecovillage of Janas

For many years, we are dedicated to learning the wood, They are following a path with respect to the nobility and complexity of this material. It began the journey of learning and practice in the forest, where he developed sustainable forest management techniques, making the chestnut recovery abandoned in the Serra de Sintra. The middle was involved for more than a year in the restoration of Ouguela Viscount's Palace with the guidance of recognized joinery master Luis Tomaz. Currently dedicated to the study and collection of wisdom and tools that allow you to follow a woodworking based on a philosophy of naturalism and manualidade, the carpentry and all related works, Since the creation of functional parts or building structures of wood or combined with other materials and techniques biobuilding. It is the bioconstruction election maker with wood in the Ecovillage to Janas has already directed more than three hundred beginners to carpentry training.


Day 4 – Jerónimo João Ribeiro

John Ribeiro forming the CENFIM (Professional Training Center of Metallurgical Industry and Metalworking) within technical and vocational training for youth and adults. His professional experience also has the mark of renewable energy coordinator at Gustave Eiffel Professional School and certified Technician Training in ISQ. Developer and trainer of the Ecovillage to Janas on issues of metalwork and welding has already started over a hundred formed through non-formal education.


days 5 e 6 – Jorge Crespo

Permaculturist certified by the British Institute of permaculture from 2006 Solar energy is one of the pillars of their vocation training and interest. Given the correlation of issues that relate to Human Settlements, it is there that focuses as a way to make known forms of regeneration, aiming at providing their equal an integrated holistic view of regenerative development. Transform or Planet, our home, a more pleasant place for everyone, better knowing their limits and specificities, is an endless mission which aims to align the lives of humans with this mysterious adventure that is LIFE. He was responsible for the installation, together with the collective production of Boom Festival, a vision for the existing solar power systems in Homestead Farm, in Idanha a Velha in 2008 e 2012, It is your installer and designer together with his friend François. It has installed Solar PV systems out there being the most illustrative one that is installed in Monserrate Farm adstrita to Monserrate Park in Sintra. A Life Project of UNESCO. It also makes work in dry sanitation area, WWC, It is your home your laboratory par excellence. Your website can be viewed at http://monte-aton.org One of the trainers of election Ecovillage Janas on issues of health and photovoltaic energy.


Day 7 – Diogo Pires - GeoBioTec

Diogo Pires is licensed and Master in Conservation and Restoration of old buildings, guest researcher GeoBioTec and founder and former CEO of a traditional mortar company (DDL mortars) spin-off of the University of Aveiro. Has developed several works in the area of ​​mortars, traditional building system (adobe, partition, stucco and tile), trainer and speaker at events on the subject and co-organization of the Earth's Core and Architecture Triennale.


Day 8 – Technical Team of the Convent Workshops (Arq. Joan Trinidad and Mafalda Rosario Master) - Convent Workshops - Awning of Hill Castle

The Workshops of Ceramics and Earth in the Convent of the workshops are active in three distinct spaces: Awning of the Hill Castle, Earth Lab and Research Center Ceramics. The technical team invited to share their experience started business with artisanal production of traditional building materials, like the donkey brick and tile. Using wooden forms, Production is in the floor, the open, during the period from March to October, time allowing drying in the sun. In winter Awning is dedicated to the production of decorative ceramics, with glazes and engobes, for floors and interior and exterior coatings.

Mafalda Rosario, was born in 1982 no Montijo. In 1999 He held the Course Sculpture Professional, Ceramics and Awning Master Awning on the Hill of the Castle of Montemor-o-Novo. Completed the course held the Professional Internship in the same area. Since then exerts Awning Master profession in Shed Hill of the Montemor-o-Novo Castle.

Joan Trinity, architect with aspirations to "construtecta", develops its course under the assumption that architectural practice is inseparable from its political discourse and therefore, its social and ecological responsibilities. He has devoted his time to research and action around the demand “common” inherent in the co-creation of the built to follow an ideology of development as freedom.

The essence of this quest takes her to the research study "The role of the architect in the common construction: post-disaster interventions " (FAUP, 2014) as well as the exploitation of heterotopias that nomadism allows evidence and experience.

Interested in projects for the empowerment and resilience of communities, collaborates with the New Decision Makers second neighborhood of Sciences Torrão, Draft citizen science establishing collaborative research between people and the scientific community, and Bion network – Building Impact Zero Network, European network for sharing technical knowledge to mitigate the environmental impact on buildings, where it explores the meeting of global ecology ideologies and actions of local interest, materialized through construction sites with materials, natural or recycled.


28 July, 2018 at 9:30
4 August, 2018 at 18:00
€40 - €315


CESA | Ecoaldeia de Janas


Ecoaldeia de Janas (Quinta do Luzio)
Street Luzio n15, Halloween cerrado
Sintra, Portugal, Sintra 2710-267 Portugal
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