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Workshop Introduction to Natural Engineering

14 July to 9:30 - 15 July to 18:00


The Natural Engineering is a discipline of engineering driven Biology whose policy area are the geotechnical interventions and soil mechanics, fluvial and hydraulic engineering and forestry, as well as any constructive interventions compatibility level of natural systems with the use of pressure. It is concerned with the stabilization of slopes and escarpments, margins, dykes, landfill, as well as other areas of use and their protection against erosion.

It is with great pride that we received for this course Prof. Carlo Bifulco, Director of the Monti Sibillini National Park (Italy) and collaborator of the Center of Applied Ecology Prof.. Baeta Neves of the Higher Institute of Agronomy, one of the leading experts worldwide in the area of ​​Natural Engineering.


Provide learners with a comprehensive introductory perspective on the various areas of intervention of Natural Engineering, with special focus on the specific conditions of our country.


Landowners who want to understand the set of insusceptible interventions to be made in this field in their properties; technical, area students and other interested parties who wish to deepen their knowledge and share experiences in this area with a world-renowned expert.



Differences Between Natural Engineering (IN) and Landscape Architecture and Forestry

The Interface-ground roots

The rhizosphere and rizodepósitos

The willows of Leonardo da Vinci

The road Mascarenha Neto in Portugal

Da Ingenieurbiologie to EN

Restoration, requalification, rehabilitation, Recovery and restoration

Bradshaw model (1990) the dynamics of an ecological restoration project

The use of pioneer species in EN

The effectiveness of EN, geotechnical and ecological

The costs of EN

Limitations of using the EN

Questions still to be solved in EN

Issues related to safety in the work of EN


The living plants as building material. living plant materials.

Piles and adventitious rooting

Protection from erosion and consolidation of embankments and slopes of slopes and riverbanks

The biotech properties of plants and plant roots

New roots to EN Portugal and the Mediterranean basin

Criteria for selection of species

Materials dead to associate plants in EN: Natural materials tissues .bio, Bio-redes, bio-felts, bioesteiras. Geo-grids (with a- and three-dimensional), geo-mats, geo-composites, geo-seek

Please review the site for the choice of species

native species, exotic, naturalized

  1. SHEDS 1-erosion protection

The protection techniques of surface erosion

Seeding with protection cover (sistema Schiechteln®)


biodegradable coatings against erosion (Bio woven jute, coco, straw)

Synthetic coatings against erosion, three-dimensional geo-grid or geo-cells in the form of honeycomb

  1. SHEDS-2 stabilization of slopes

mass movements rating

Causes of mass movements, external and internal

The stabilization techniques of the slopes

Planting stakes, bush, of trees

plaited living

beams alive

vegetation strip

surface drainage

Stabilization of dunes with the techniques of Natural Engineering

  1. SHEDS-4 Consolidation embankments;

Consolidation techniques of slopes

Grade viva

living wall bracket (single and double)

Steps in stones and wood

living gabions and reinforced Lands

  1. RIOS, Ribeiro (AREAS AND MOIST)-1 chains and transport solid

Stability and river transport materials

Erosion of edges of sections with hydraulic risk

The current flood in river channels when there is vegetation on the banks

The different types of vegetation on the banks of a canal

The speed of the current and the selection of EN techniques

  1. RIOS, Ribeiro (AREAS AND MOIST)-2 works as EN

Longitudinal works

Spike longitudinal and first form of protection margin eroded

Planting margin with stalks or reed species clods

Stranded alive

living willow bundles

living willow mat

live roll synthetic or metal mesh with live branches

live roller Coir

Wall beams alive

living wall or vertical support live scaled

Live double wall support beams with live

Riprap with vegetation

The cross works

living Esporões

living sleepers

Brush and comb live

Maintenance of riparian vegetation

Revitalization canalisadas water lines in concrete beds



The living footstool "the Portuguese"

Construction of retention basins with vegetation

phyto-remediation basins the water level crossings after the first rain

Construction filtering ecosystems

wooded tracks in the noise reduction

Wooded tracks by reducing the diffusion of atmospheric pollutants

Vegetation working areas

Vegetation of rock slopes

Works by the crossing of the fauna infrastructure

Vegetation on roofs of buildings

Verde vertical


How can I participate?

70€ / person | limit 20 participants

Former | Carlo Bifulco | Director of the National Park of Monti Sibillini (Italy)

Associate Professor of Engineering Natural Agrarian School of Coimbra. Director of the Monti Sibillini National Park (Italy). Contributor of the Center of Applied Ecology Prof.. Baeta Neves (CEABN), Superior Institute of Agronomy, University of Lisbon. PhD in Forestry and Natural Resources (2015) the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Degree in Electrical Engineering (1980) the Federico II University of Naples, Italy.
Director of the Vesuvius National Park (1997-2005). It has qualifications as "Director of Natural Park" being included in the Italian Official Register of Natural Park of Directors. Consultant in international cooperation projects developed in Armenia, Romania, Portugal, Morocco and Italy on the following topics: natural engineering, management of protected areas, European legislative system on the environment, forest fires, dry, and staff training. Registered as a teacher specialist in the Italian Association of Natural Engineering (Aifin) and President (2013-2017) and Member (since 2018) the Portuguese Association of Natural Engineering (APENA). associate of Forest Science magazine editor, the Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil. League Board of vowel for the Protection of Nature (2013-2017).


14 July to 9:30
15 July to 18:00
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CESA | Ecoaldeia de Janas


Ecoaldeia de Janas (Quinta do Luzio)
Street Luzio n15, Halloween cerrado
Sintra, Portugal, Sintra 2710-267 Portugal
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