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PDC – Permaculture Design Course with Joshua Gomez

15 Agosto, 2018 às 9:30 - 26 Agosto, 2018 às 18:00

€450 - €650
Full PDC Course Details

This intensive Permaculture Design Course (PDC) follows the principles and material designed by Bill Mollison, Australian researcher, author, scientist, teacher, biologist and co-founder of the Permaculture Design System.“Permaculture offers a radical approach to food production and urban renewal, water, energy and pollution. It integrates ecology, landscape, organic gardening, architecture and agro-forestry in creating a rich and sustainable way of living. It uses appropriate technology giving high yields for low energy inputs, achieving a resource of great diversity and stability. The design principles are equally applicable to both urban and rural dwellers” – Bill Mollison

“Permaculture is the design of regenerative, self-sustaining and resilient natural systems that fulfill human needs like food, shelter, health, social, cultural and psychological needs whilst acknowledging and providing in the needs of all species within our ecosystem and caring for the Earth.”

During the course we will not only spend a significant amount of hours with the knowledge, science and legacy of Bill Mollison but we will also get our hands dirty on the land, applying practical principles and learning about how to map swales on contour, how to build raised hugel beds and how to improve soil health.

This course is relevant to people from all origins and walks of life.  It includes an in depth understanding of the different applications of Permaculture and provides the relevant knowledge and experience for anyone wanting to start a vocation as a permaculture designer. It is equally appropriate for someone who simply wants to step further into Permaculture design in their own lives.  No previous experience is required but we recommend if you have had no previous contact with Permaculture and simply want to know what it is you may benefit from doing an introductory course first.

We use a wide range of teaching methods to create an engaging environment which includes all participants and their individual learning styles. This includes practical activities, discussion/constructive debate, games, white board sessions, digital presentations, videos, observation exercises, guided walks and working in groups.

We start each morning with a short energiser session, including many different activities and games to wake everyone up, get moving, focus and ready ourselves for a day of learning.  Activities include:
·         Yoga/warm-up stretches
·         Different games, to illustrate ideas and to build group cohesion and trust
·         Circus skills
·         Observation/site walks
·         Meditation/inward focusing

Every student receives an internationally recognised certificate from the Permaculture Association UK which will be awarded on completion of the whole course including a design workshop at the end of the course and finishing with a presentation of designs in which participants will illustrate what they have learnt.

About the Program

In order to optimise your learning experience and create an intimate atmosphere, participation in this course is limited to 30 participants. The topics addressed during the course, based on an international syllabus, are:

  • Introductory: Permaculture ethics; approaches to design; guiding principles of Permaculture; biodiversity; learning and study strategies; pattern in design; wilderness and wildlife; evidence / why we need Permaculture.
  • Cultivated Ecology: Permanent pasture; forest gardens; horticultural techniques; no-till cultivation; biological pest control.
  • Climates: Strategies for different climates; microclimates; buildings and structures; urban Permaculture; appropriate technology; waste reduction; the home and workplace; energy efficient planning; waste recycling and disposal.
  • Soils: What is Living Soil?; Soil regeneration techniques and soil conservation.
  • Water in Landscape: What is living water?; water conservation, collection and storage; wastewater and sewage treatment; Aquaculture.
  • Forests and Trees: Energy transactions of trees; woodland establishment; types of forest; woodland management.
  • Invisible Structures: Real wealth; land access; formal/informal economy; community development strategies.
  • Design Workshop: Design process and presentation skills; maps and overlays; surveying; project planning.

We include a range of other relevant subjects and practical exercises which aim to give each student a tool kit of basic skills to get started with confidence. This course will also provide opportunities for students to learn more about gardening, Eco building and community living herbalism and more.

This course will be taught in the English language. Staff at Ecoaldeia de Janas will provide translation to Portuguese, if needed and as possible,
Course Fees:
Full Permaculture Design Course (total 12 days including 11 days of teaching and 1 free day in the middle) with lodging in the Ecoaldeia de Janas’s Ecolodge (private room with wi-fi and hot shower) – Booking until the 31st of July – 650,00€;  After the 1st of August – 700,00€ *

Full Permaculture Design Course (total 12 days including 11 days of teaching and 1 free day in the middle) with lodging in the Ecoaldeia de Janas’s camping site (includes wi-fi and shower) – Booking until the 31st of July – 450,00€;  After the 1st of August – 500,00€ *

 * – Includes food – breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 coffe breaks during the day. Price includes all taxes.
Along with the course:
You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Ecoaldeia de Janas, with a magnificent view to the mountains of Sintra. There are several beaches from 2km distance (Praia das Maçãs, Praia Grande, Adraga, Magoito, etc) where you can go at the end of the day for a nice sea bath. In your free day you can take several walking trails, visit the magnificent palaces and castle of Sintra or the beautiful Azenhas do Mar village, just 2kms away. During your time at Ecoaldeia de Janas you will get to know one of the most dynamic and implemented projects of it’s kind in Portugal and the people who live and work in it.
Educator | Joshua Gomez
Joshua got involved with Permaculture in 2005. In April 2009 he organised and attended a PDC in central Portugal taught by Lesley Martin. He was accredited for the UK Permaculture Diploma in 2011 and since then has been teaching at various locations in Europe. He has a natural talent of working with people from all walks of life, a deep understanding of our ecosystem and Permaculture design principles, and is a pleasant and inspiring person.

He prefers the title educator rather than a teacher, as he is more concerned with helping people to unlock their own passions and skills, enabling them to also to become educators of the things they are inspired by through Permaculture.

​His previous experience of working with adults and children in performing and teaching circus skills make the course as informative, enriching and supportive as possible. His approach of integrating games and group challenges in the course program reflects his joyful and playful personality. Joshua uses a wide range of teaching methods such as videos, observation exercises, digital presentations, practical activities, discussion/constructive debate, games, whiteboard design sessions, guided walks and working in small groups.

He is passionate about facilitating his PDC courses and helping people attain their dreams by creating their ideal habitats through designing and implementing abundant Permaculture landscapes, as well as meeting many amazing people along the way to share and learn together.

As well as teaching he has created designs for many different sites in Portugal and the UK. See the Portfolio page for more information about his designs.


15 Agosto, 2018 às 9:30
26 Agosto, 2018 às 18:00
€450 - €650
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