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Se queres passar um dia, fim-de-semana ou semana diferentes, em família ou com amigos, a Ecoaldeia de Janas tem diversos espaços disponíveis para te receber e oferecer um momento de repouso único. Uma forma de turismo inovadora em que te convidamos a participar nas actividades do projecto e na vida colectiva. Estamos também perto de Sintra e do seu património histórico, da serra e das magníficas praias da região saloia, sendo que, conhecendo bem esta zona, podemos guiar-te e aconselhar-te a visitar lugares mágicos.


If you are looking for something different for a day, a special week-end or a whole week/month, whether with family or friends, Janas Ecovillage team is looking forward to welcoming you. Whether you are looking for a peaceful rest immersed in nature or interested in following the activities of our collective and daily life, we are happy to extend our hospitality to receive you.

Our guests can use the rustic kitchen to cook and also enjoy the team to have organic meals where they can meet different collaborators, guests and visitors and have interesting conversations. They also like to see all the project outside, natural buildings, ecosystem and our animals and also to order orgnic fresh products or beverages (homemade beer, sider and honeymead).

We are very close to Sintra village, mountains and seaside , with its special micro-climate. We can help you giving really nice suggestions around the area  to visit magical places, magnificent historical sites and monuments and unsoiled beaches.


to book online click the room links to redirect to Airbnb listing pages. all photos, prices and conditions you can see thru Airbnb listing pages.  if you need some extra information please write directly to us (here). 

1 to 4 pax

1 or 2 pax

1 or 2 pax