Wood House Construction course

This spring back one of the most sought after courses of CESA! And in this issue during 4 purposes weekend we will have an additional challenge:build a family house on wheels! The start is scheduled for the day 16 March and registrations are open. Inscriptions ecoaldeiajanas.org/ecoloja More info on ecoaldeiajanas.org/evento/construcaomadeira

Home Food + Farming 2019

Applications have opened for the new residency program “Food+Farming” on Ecoaldeia de Janas. “Food + Farming "is a culinary residence funded for kitchen professionals from around the world looking for a gap in their intense professional careers to explore the Portuguese gastronomic tradition, the concept of "Farm to Table!"And absorb the principles of sustainability […]

New terms of Volunteering

We have changed the terms of volunteering. From now on volunteering in Ecovillage shall be integrated into the Rural Incubation program Janas with the premise of empowering young adults to create a sustainable rural living and self-supporting. With this program we promote an immersion in the scope of action of the Association based Dolmen […]

Sponsors and Partners

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