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The Ecovillage de Janas is now open to smaller! We have many activities for different ages, according to your needs and aspirations. Let down a list of activities that have already developed, being open to other proposals.



  • Take care of animals: the little pig Benedicta, Mare Star, sheep and chickens… all need attention!
  • How do paper? The paper used by the recycled paper booklet
  • Solar ovens – with delicious recipes to the mix!
  • A hortinha: we plant! and not only plant, also reap the delicious products of the farm!
  • Grove plants and not only: learn to name and recognize our fauna
  • Beekeeping small: the sweet product of our bees (Beekeeping suits for children)
  • Stories of old and now, from here and there
  • Theater for young and old
  • Preparation of puppets
  • Recycles well! – recycle with art
  • Make gardens – how we can make our garden at our house
  • Make traditionally bread in our wood stoves
  • Bioconstruction – puts the feet and hands on the ground and builds us!
  • Traditional games now
  • Peddypaper in the mountains
  • Let paint or world: a cara, the paper, as paredes!


Visits of requests for groups and schools

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