Reopening Activities

no day 1 June we reopen the office, the fifth, visits and activities! Throughout the confinement, Coop Aldea remained in operation and with a high flow, so it will only be possible for us to return to activities gradually and calmly in other areas of action. To schedule visits (now on Saturdays at […]


The Ecovillage to Janas suspended, in line with the recommendations of the DGS, all activities to the public, including visits and trainings. Our priority at this stage will be at all the food supply via Coop Aldea. The Customer Service Cooperative happens in Aldea in Largo Visconde da Asseca n6, with daily schedule from 10am to […]

Permaculture Design Course with Josh Gomez

A Permacultura, set of techniques that integrate agriculture, design, biobuilding and ethical principles through simulation and improvement of patterns found in nature, It has the very few practices the potential to change the world and the life of each of us. Neste Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with Josh Gomez, recognized by the UK […]

Natural Engineering with Carlo Bifulco

A 14 e 15 July, we are privileged to receive one of the leading experts at a global level in the area, or Carlo Bifulco, to a pioneering training in Natural Engineering. The experience of Carlo does not fit in a publication: He directed the Vesuvius National Park, He was president of APENA – Portuguese Association of Natural Engineering, […]

CESA's summer schedule

Consult here all the information about the summer courses in the CESA Ecovillage to Janas! Crafts to natural building, the highlight is an innovative training in Natural Engineering with Carlo Bifulco, Director of the Natural Park Montes Sibilini in Italy (14 e 15 July), for the 3rd edition of our course […]

Open applications

Applications are open to various areas of intervention to strengthen teams in the projects that are part of the initiative of the Ecovillage to Janas Applications are open and can be delivered to the address along with a letter of motivation and professional references. We will confirm the receipt of applications and seek to know all the candidates mourning […]

Summer Camps 2018

Looking for a summer holiday camp, where your children can enjoy the field, from beach, learn playing crafts and integrate with the surrounding of an organic farm with animals? You want to organize a summer holiday camp? In either case, send an email to for further information!

Natural building 2018

Summer is the time when the CESA is dedicated to the annual cycle of Natural Building. Courses where you learn in practical techniques biobuilding, you can use later to construíres your house or any other building in natural building. In this course you can camp with the surrounding Serra de Sintra, and […]

Debate: “Challenges of organic agriculture in Portugal”

no day 26 of May, to 21h, Cooperative Aldea receives a debate on the “Challenges of organic agriculture in Portugal: Large surfaces and Local Distribution Networks”. We intend to reflect on the challenges they pose to organic farming the entry of large investors in the market, and the relevance of local networks as sustainable and viable alternative. […]

Janas nurseries: Spring Campaign

Come visit the nurseries of Janas. Since 2010 that propagate species for various ecological functions from traditional seed varieties adapted to the Mediterranean climate and especially for creating various agroforestry and windbreaks borders! This spring we launched a special campaign with discounts 25% in all pot plants. Consult our […]

Call for partners: new Auditorium

The Ecovillage will raise an auditorium with multiple valencies to enhance the formation of alternatives in Portugal! Architects seek, builders, specialty technicians and Project Managers to form a team to take this project forward. The vision is to create a natural environment of reference at national level which inspire and support […]

Program “Internship” with open applications!

They are open applications for the program “Internship” 2018. The program “Intership” is an experience 3 a 6 prevocational months that combines work with learning. It is a residential program, entitled to accommodation, Feed and “pocket money” Monthly 200 €. It is intended to “new rural”, students of Agro-Environmental sector in order to progress and […]

Nominations open CESA 2018

Applications are open to trainer and promoter of training events in the Ecovillage 2018. This year CESA becomes bilingual and will promote training with some of the best trainers in the area of ​​sustainability in the international arena. The applications are based on three key intervention areas: Technologies and production methods; Crafts and artesanias; Culture […]

Call for Teachers! Trainers and seek new themes!

applications to submit themes for proposals are open for integrating September Training Plan to December 2017. Proposals must be submitted using the form below and may include issues of introduction / advanced / technicians who can go from ecology, farming, natural building, design, Cosmetics, energy, manufacture of crafts, This manual crafts and […]

Training schedule 2017 January to April

  It is launched the training program for the next quarter. since carpentry, beekeeping, beer and artisan bread or natural building organic farming and crafts with basketry and tapestry, there are many practical issues that you can learn in the Ecovillage to Janas. Book your place at the practical wisdom on page of the online registration here: or visit […]

Out Agenda – Nov – Ten

Beekeeping, production of mushrooms or fish aquaculture and with aquaponics, basketry, pottery, manufacture of bread in the oven or craft beer to the area of ​​natural cosmetics with aromatherapy, essencial oils, soap factory and natural makeup… between October and December you can participate in various training activities in the area of ​​Sustainability Practice. Explores a specially prepared schedule for you […]

15 a 21 of August, Natural Course Construction, 7 technical workshops

In this Natural Construction course we will make known the bases and foundations of a wide range of bio-construction techniques: carpentry and woodwork logs (roundwood), green manuring (greenroofing), partitions, Dry sanitation and alternative energy, Construction of clay, mortars and grouts and flooring with traditional ceramics (the application process). Participants […]

7º Beekeeping Course with Harald Hafner (extensive)

Registration for the autumn edition of Beekeeping Course with natural and professional beekeeper Harald Hafner are open. election maker of beekeeping activity in the Ecovillage to Janas and co-founder of the Pedagogical Janas Apiary. The full course includes 3 modules (extensive) and complementary thematic practical workshops. One of the novelties of this edition goes to […]

Production Beer Craft Jhanas

Since 2014 We produce regular craft beer, several unique recipes ranging from “blonde”, “black”, “redhead”, “stout”, “brown ale”, among others. All productions are recipes and unique flavors and carefully crafted in wood fire. The next Beer Making Shop will happen already next Saturday 14 of May! Right now we have collaboration […]

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Course + Electricity Workshop

This course aims to equip the majority of people, general public, with electricity knowledge user's perspective, a realistic picture of photovoltaic technologies available for wider use on the quality of electricity production in its territory. Second Jorge Crespo (former, solar energy technician and permacultor) this training has as its motto the following idea "The […]

Bulk of Janas

The Janas of Bulk Carrier is the first network in Sintra access to organic products / ecological bulk, without packaging and producer price / Supplier. They are associated with multiple locations bio producers (directly support farmers), home brewers (We encourage the local economy and barter) and dried grocery suppliers and processed bio bulk (We are become many […]