Debate: “Challenges of organic agriculture in Portugal”

no day 26 of May, to 21h, Cooperative Aldea receives a debate on the “Challenges of organic agriculture in Portugal: Large surfaces and Local Distribution Networks”. We intend to reflect on the challenges they pose to organic farming the entry of large investors in the market, and the relevance of local networks as sustainable and viable alternative. […]

Janas nurseries: Spring Campaign

Come visit the nurseries of Janas. Since 2010 that propagate species for various ecological functions from traditional seed varieties adapted to the Mediterranean climate and especially for creating various agroforestry and windbreaks borders! This spring we launched a special campaign with discounts 25% in all pot plants. Consult our […]

Call for partners: new Auditorium

The Ecovillage will raise an auditorium with multiple valencies to enhance the formation of alternatives in Portugal! Architects seek, builders, specialty technicians and Project Managers to form a team to take this project forward. The vision is to create a natural environment of reference at national level which inspire and support […]

Program “Internship” with open applications!

They are open applications for the program “Internship” 2018. The program “Intership” is an experience 3 a 6 prevocational months that combines work with learning. It is a residential program, entitled to accommodation, Feed and “pocket money” Monthly 200 €. It is intended to “new rural”, students of Agro-Environmental sector in order to progress and […]

Nominations open CESA 2018

Applications are open to trainer and promoter of training events in the Ecovillage 2018. This year CESA becomes bilingual and will promote training with some of the best trainers in the area of ​​sustainability in the international arena. The applications are based on three key intervention areas: Technologies and production methods; Crafts and artesanias; Culture […]

Call for Teachers! Trainers and seek new themes!

applications to submit themes for proposals are open for integrating September Training Plan to December 2017. Proposals must be submitted using the form below and may include issues of introduction / advanced / technicians who can go from ecology, farming, natural building, design, Cosmetics, energy, manufacture of crafts, This manual crafts and […]