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short description

The Ecovillage to Janas is a collective of people united in the construction and experience of a non-formal education center for practicing sustainability. We are based in one of the landscapes of the known natural park Sintra-Cascais, UNESCO world heritage site and reference the conservation of National Nature. This group actively trabalha from 2012 in the construction and development of this educational center, applying and sharing practical and innovative solutions towards a greater resilience at local and regional.

The objectives of this initiative are based on the development of technical experience and through continuous learning and practice in the various themes and elements of sustainability that are actually required to achieve an ecological and social system in balance.

This collective has been building a cohesive network of collaborators, students, trainers and technicians and residents through various activities, services and local products: agroforestry, agriculture and forestry nurseries, apicultura natural, manuals and traditional crafts, carpentry and natural building, ecological restoration, Environmental consulting and design, Education and training, Local and craft production (canned fruit and vegetable saloia, craft beer and cider, mushrooms, among others).

The focus on working the recovery of ecological landscape (solo, plant and animal biodiversity) It was from the beginning one of the main areas of priority in intevenção Ecovillage to Janas.

After four years in the ecological restoration of active work to landscape where we are based we are a living example and a case study of an effective ecological succession with high biodiversity indices and increase productivity (biomass, vegetation, fodder, soil quality, auxiliaries and grazing animals, bees, retention and availability of water, among others).

Throughout this time and together with the central vision training and educational, we have acquired a number of technical capabilities in plant propagation (seeds, herbaceous, shrubs and trees) and shared this practical knowledge with employees, trainers and students of training activities.

In the pioneer years built a small agroforestry and local nursery to support the vision and ecological recovery plan landscape. This nursery also allowed to support other initiatives and local and regional partnerships with similar objectives and needs in acquiring plants and trees with quality and biodiversity for various ecological functions. Right now we have over four thousand varieties of plants trees and shrubs in the nursery and already it is expected this year to reach the ten thousand copies.

This is the right time to take the big leap, sharing our experience, knowledge and technical skills and have a greater impact on the development of ecological restoration by implementing a tree nursery with larger capacity and.

Our main goal is to implement a large-scale nursery for diverse production of tree species, shrubs and herbaceous plants, into three main areas for action and research:


(i) investigation, recovery, propagation and conservation of native varieties and traditional plants (naturally adapted to the climate and abiotic conditions in Portugal);

(ii) investigation, propagation, conservation and introduction of varieties of trees adapted to the Mediterranean climate and high potential and numerous ecological functions for agroforestry and restoration of ecosystems;

(iii) investigation, recovery, propagation and conservation of fruit trees and traditional varieties for human consumption (naturally adapted to the climate and abiotic conditions in Portugal);


What we need and what you get

To implement the project of construction of the forest nursery in a stable and sustainable way we need, this early stage, a support collaborative 4.900 euros (5.600 Dollars). This is the minimum amount considered in this campaign and aims to raise the minimum essential for project start-up and early stages of investment, an initiative that aims to produce more than 20 000 trees in the second year of implementation.


The raised and the amount foreseen in this collaborative campaign will be divided into three main areas of construction and implementation:

(i) a hotbed of 80 m2 structure in wood and glass and stands with its own propagation of plants. The Team Janas of Ecovillage supports the construction processes of the structure.

(ii) a burner biomass that will work as a heater for regulating the temperature Winter, critical to maintaining biotic and abiotic conditions for the conservation and maintenance of the plants in the greenhouse (especially for rare and endangered, thus reducing the likelihood of losses)

(iii) installing an aquaponics system that will guarantee a combined system and closed circuit to fertilize the plants, ensure the nutritional needs, increase productivity and reduce waste by reusing by-products.

The entire budget is dimensioned to ensure the minimum amount of investment that is required to implement the initial phase of farmed agroforestry trees. If we do not achieve this collaborative goal, only begin with the installation of wood stove and plant propagation stands and seeds of trees.

Colaborares to this campaign, What can you win it is closely related to the impact of the initiative (see next section) which among other possibilities, We point out the following: to visit, learn and practice with experienced technicians, how to implement and maintain a combined nursery with three systems (propagation, Burner biomass and aquaponics), access and acquire the biodiversity of plants and seeds for various functions, have technical support for external services of ecological design and restoration and agroforestry collaborate on a project that directly act as a carbon sink due to the important role that the tree has this effect.

The campaign fundraising is divided by several returns and benefits to biodiversity and amounts of plants or seeds To install your agroforestry (early or advanced stages). When colaborares going to receive seeds, tubers, plants, fruit trees and suitable for agroforestry. You can also take part in training on agroforestry in the Ecovillage to Janas and obtain a certificate as a co-founder of this tree nursery.


Impact Initiative

We believe we will have a significant impact and an important educational role in ecological restoration of forests, agroforestry and landscapes damaged by human intervention over the last decades. We are empowered with knowledge, tools, techniques and experience in propagation and conservation of forest plants, shrubs and plant and seed. A forest nursery with larger will bring the possibility of producing (spread) a larger amount of plants and better support partner projects with similar activities or employees and visitors who need to purchase plants with a variety of functions and wealth in several species.

The creation of a nursery with three large areas of forest regeneration intervention (native plants, Mediterranean and rare plants with high potential, traditional fruit plants) It has a very important educational and ecological contribution to species recovery, many of them endangered or endangered.

This new nursery will be open to the public and will be used to facilitate training visitors (general public, school groups, etc) with a strong focus on raising awareness about the importance of preserving species for balance and resilience of biodiversity in agro ecosystems.

This initiative will allow to have a space open and ready to receive and facilitate training for adults and raising awareness of groups and schools. We will be also available to take our work and knowledge to schools and institutions in the region.

The agroforestry biosphere is a major carbon sink: forests can build long-term large amounts of carbon, either in plant material, or organic matter. There are several scientific reports and intergovernmental agreements to combat climate change and referring to the importance of conservation and reforestation of forests in that they are considered one of the most important carbon sinks on a global scale and local. The increased area of ​​these ecosystems have a positive impact on the ability of biosphere carbon sink and colaborares this initiative you are directly and indirectly support this positive effect. Let us propagate plants, trees and seeds for installing and agroforestry carbon sinks and your support is essential.

One of our goals will also give the opportunity to go through initiatives such as forest nursery Janas can be replicated in other parts of the country. We are able and motivated to work with those who want to start a nursery with a variety of species of plants and seeds, including technical support of a combined system (wood and glass structure, spread benches, heating biomass and aquaponics). Among some partners we highlight the collaboration with volunteer platform WWOOF Portugal ( and Planting A Tree Association ( .

The view in the medium and long term spends a lot by creating strategic partnerships with government institutions in the region so that we can work together with local intervention policies and regional. In this sense, forest nursery Janas will have an important role in creating a database of seeds and plants in the region, native, traditional, rare and highly ecological potential



Risks and challenges

We are aware of the risks involved in building a new, larger nursery of trees and plants. We are able to experience, techniques and tools to develop and maintain a nursery and plant propagation in the stands and the installation of a combined system of heating and aquaponics, which requires additional maintenance costs and are considered at this early stage. This fundraising campaign aims to support the start-up and initial investment of installing a nursery. It is planned to create a sustainable model for the operation of the entire project, medium and long term.

It's always a challenge to find a stable equilibrium of an initiative that is growing, including liaison with local and regional partnerships, employees and visitors. One of our greatest challenges is to get people to get involved in the project and supporting our vision and establishing strategic partnerships with local and regional government institutions. To this end, We designed a communication plan with a unique design that ensures regular news publication with the developments of the implementation and operation of the entire project short, medium and long term.


Other forms of colaborares


There are other forms of colaborares this initiative:
– Visit us, sharing and passes the message. Together we can plant and restore forests. Visit our website at
– View our social networks and sharing the fundraising campaign
– Makes donations in equipment of sorts for the three main areas of implementation of the nursery (wood and glass farmed, biomass heating system and aquaponics)
– Makes donations in trees, plants and seeds
– Collaborates with volunteer and come help!
We are located in Luzio Street, Janas 2710-267 Sintra, Portugal.

Our number is +351 216013334 or +351 934614320