If you want to spend a day, end-of-week or different weeks, with family or friends, the Ecovillage of Janas has several spaces available to receive you and offer a moment of unique home. An innovative form of tourism in which we invite you to participate in project activities and community life. We are also close to Sintra and its historical heritage, the mountains and the magnificent beaches of the region saloia, being that, knowing well the area, We can guide you and advise you to visit magical places.

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a "smell" de Sintra:

The following areas to stay with extra services and conditions we have available

  • Family room | 2 a 5 pax | Familiar room
  • Double room | 2 pax | Double room
  • Single room | 1 pax | Single room
  • Dormitory shared | up until 10 pax | Shared dormitory
  • Camping and Caravan | space for camping or caravans

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