The Ecovillage de Janas is building a trading system for those resources / objects that have stopped, too much, end-of-life and would like to have a re. Right now we are in need of:

  • Washing machine 10 kg
  • Second hand bikes or parts
  • Tools (orchard, carpentry, machines) to restore
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Woods, covers, ancient gates to restore / re-use
  • Trempe outdoor cooking
  • Large pots (preferably without aluminum)
  • Coffee makers and kettles, terms
  • Kitchenware q.s.
  • Medium and large windows for reuse
  • Pens, Color Pencils, paints, etc. for artwork
  • Leaves, papers, cardboards of different colors sizes
  • Plastic tarps advertising
  • Several other features you wanna dispensing and may be useful


Do you have anything on this list to donate or exchange?

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