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PT: The Ecovillage to Janas (also known by Quinta do Luzio, Initial identity project) received in recent years hundreds of volunteers from all over the world, inserted into a learning experience, sharing and multicultural exchange. This is a real experience of work and rural life. If you are interested in joining volunteer and make a run at the Ecovillage of Janas fill in the following form. We wait for you!

In 2019 voluntary rules have changed. Get to know the new terms making:

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IN: In the last years Ecoaldeia de Janas (also known by Quinta Do Luzio, first identity of the project) as received hundreds of volunteers from everywhere in the world inserted in an experience of learning and sharing in a multicultural environment. This is a real experience of real work inside of a rural collective. If you are interested in doing a season of volunteering at Ecoaldeia de Janas fill up the next form. We welcome you!

In 2019 volunteering rules chan. To read the new terms:

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