Ecoaldeia de Janas

Janas Ecovillage Short Presentation 2016

// video by Jon Meaux// music by Mara

published by Ecoaldeia de Janas on Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Ecovillage is one of Janas collective of people together with the aim of building and experiencing a Centre of nonformal education for sustainability connected to traditional and handicrafts, applying and sharing practical and innovative solutions towards a greater resilience à escala local e regional.

The pillars of this initiative are based on a shared learning experience and which are based on practical sustainability, creating a network Contributors, students, trainers, residents e associated em and set activities dinamizam, services and products in different topics: apicultura natural, carpentry and natural building, regenerative agriculture, Education and training, natural food, consumption and collaborative production, agroforestry, Add water, natural cosmetics, among many other.

So we want to inspire audiences of all ages and demonstrate solutions that can be replicated simply, practical and sustainable at local level (make by-ti-even). Through collaborative and principles of ecological and social responsibility so we want to share the traditional wisdom and innovative at the same time the ecological dimensions, cultural and socio-economic.

Our long-term vision is a post-transition future in which urban planning and energy of cities, vilas, villages and even neighborhoods and streets are resized at local and regional, where services and products originate in the regions themselves. The creation of sustainable local business is one of the components that most characterizes our activity and integration of employees and important local initiatives to promote the local economy, foster participation of the inhabitants and network creation with the institutions and regional governments.

These are some of intervention areas that materialize in sustainable local initiatives with employees, students, trainers and trainees:

  • beekeeping
  • natural building and carpentry
  • Education and training
  • sustainability and energys renewable
  • landscape management (water, forest, etc.)
  • rehabilitation of ecosystems (banks, solos, etc.)
  • composting and biomass
  • Traditional agriculture and horticulture
  • regenerative agriculture applied to the Mediterranean climate
  • collaborative consumption and production (Show Bulk of Janas)
  • ecological sanitation systems
  • agroforestry
  • design and planning for permaculture
  • manuals and traditional crafts
  • social entrepreneurship | local economy and resilience
  • food and nutrition
  • active public participation
  • inclusion and multi-cultural participation with employees from around the world (Show Volunteering)
  • action research and internships with universities, colleges and institutes / training centers
  • participatory eco-tourism (Show Ecolodge)

In the medium and long term we want to involve the local population (Show Janas) e regional and create a living example of a location in transition towards a more resilient, working for the collective construction and the ethics of common (Show Sustainable Janas Village). We are responding to environmental challenges, social and economic which we live today. We believe that some of these challenges can be solved with the re-location of services and products to a regional and local scale. Relearn with the ancestors and tradition (work and the connection with the earth and nature and their handicrafts), to read the territory (ecology, landscape, social e economia) and apply innovative and creative solutions in favor of a higher socio-economic responsibility, cultural e ecológica .

How can you learn and apply these techniques? Follow the links!