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A Associação Dólmennon-profit association – It is headquartered and operating in Sintra from 2005. Since 2012 It has developed in the Ecovillage of Janas a draft socio-cultural and environmental intervention in accordance with the corporate purpose and vision for which there.

The Association's mission is to create a collaborative space where real needs for adequate responses and creative to be developed.

It takes as its starting point the experience of a collective of individuals over a number of years of sharing, experimentation, learning and hard work creates conditions to provide the community members some spaces, physical and human, that somehow bring benefits and new opportunities.

The guiding principles that guide the Association relate to the need to implement principles defended by the ecological movement of social intervention, and the need, ever more clearly defined and urgent social and legal strategies that nurture the human and readjust to their natural size.

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