If somehow this project you inspires, are you identifiess e se believess in our way, helps us concretizedr this dream with more possibilities and features (humans, financial and / or materials). Donations are intended exclusively to the development of the Ecovillage of Janas and all kinds of support will be welcome.

We also believe in co-ownership so we consider important to know for what purpose will be your contribution. Like this, you can choose which project area where you want to direct your support or combine a form of exchange of experience and learning.

With your donation we can more easily reach and inspire more people to replicate this idea, or way of seeing the world and make things happen.

Donation money

NIB | 0023 0000 4543 8258 730 94

WERE GOING | PT50 0023 0000 45438258730 94


*very soon you'll be able to do this with your donation deductions on IRS or IRC. For more info contact.


Em donation genres

Tensed to give em something genres (woods, tarpaulins, kitchen supplies, paints, books, etc.) you can visit the page "You have to exchange"Where we have a list of priority resources for this time of the Ecovillage of Janas.

In case teres features that think also be an asset to the project and are not listed contact .