In the first three years our project's identity Quinta do Luzio, that it intended to be a fifth in transition, raise awareness and inspire new lifestyles with values ​​grounded and nature, promoting (re)education between generations and sharing practical knowledge on various topics: farming, carpentry, beekeeping, natural building, among many other.



O Meeting of Knowledge in April 2012 it was official launch the project to the public, as an inspirational space and an implementation view of sustainable practices with several workshops.

With time, over a number of events and training, We built a very rich way experiences with people from different countries of the world, who have been collaborating and living building a dream and vision. We were then developing a more comprehensive and serious view as social intervention and creation of innovative and sustainable solutions for more collaborative experience modes.

For three years shared knowledge in many areas and crafts: horticulture, sustainable ecosystem management, carpentry, natural building, Permaculture, ecology, education, beekeeping, food and nutrition, among many others. After sharing experiences in various areas, creating a network of collaborators, friends, teachers and learners vision of a Ecovillage then started to connect better with our purpose. The scale of intervention, action and inspiration began to be much larger and the potential of ideas began to be so great that only made sense to turn this space (Quinta do Luzio and the result of this initial work) a more collaborative project.


With the new identity since 2014, a Ecoaldeia de Janas pretende ser um non-formal education center, where sustainability and resilience are basic concepts. We aim to create a living example for sustainability systems on a small scale and can be replicated in other geographic places. Through collaborative and principles of ecological and social responsibility, We can also share learning contemplating an integrated manner the environmental components, social, cultural and economic.

The Ecovillage de Janas is now one collective of people united in order to build and live this learning experience, materialized in a central practice and application of sustainability techniques in various areas.


In the medium and long term we want to involve the local and regional population (Show history and socio-economic context of Janas) and create a living example of a transition location (Show Sustainable Janas Village), working for the collective construction of a place with greater resilience. We dream of a village in transition, that responds to the ecological challenges, social and economic which we live today.

In 2015 decided to create and establish the Associação Dólmen with the task of operating the escala regional and interact with local populations and governments. TO nationally We are linked to centers and educational institutions and similar learning. The international We are believed to receive, send and coordinate volunteers, Contributors, Facilitators, forming all or world (programa Erasmus+).dolmen logo (2)

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