The Ecovillage de Janas is located in the small village of Janas, between Azenhas do Mar and Várzea de Sintra. Janas is inside the natural park Sintra-Cascais, area renowned for its ecological wealth in avifauna and characteristic of a natural diverse landscape.

In the center of Ecovillage de Janas is Quinta do Luzio known for its typical house saloia region and preserving the aesthetics and architecture of these places. A pedra, the wood, lime and all Antiquaria details are some examples of the legacy of those who built.

We do not accept visits without prior appointment so we ask you to schedule in here. Attention! The visit will only be confirmed after contact a member of our team. We accept appointments for Wednesday at 11am and Saturdays at 11h or 15h.

During a week, in educational and technical field, They can be marked guided tours for groups and technical schools.

Ecovillage in space in order to respect the activities and training underway, ensure the safety of residents, visits and children and preserve the safety of the animals on the farm (chickens, sheep, etc.) dogs should always come with leash.

The tours are guided by a member of the team and have an average duration of 1 hour to 1:30 a.m. depending on the topic, technical depth that seeks to share and number of people. Are more widespread visits by history, construction and physical spaces projects with various activities and the whole experience of a collective project. For more technical visits (for example, on viveirismo or aquaculture or agriculture or natural construction) They will have to indicate who require a visit to the head coach of the same areas.

The tour has a cost of 4 € / person.

For visits groups, schools and institutions, explores the activities proposed by our team and contact through this page