Photovoltaic Solar Energy Course + Electricity Workshop

This course aims to equip the majority of people, general public, with electricity knowledge user's perspective, a realistic picture of photovoltaic technologies available for wider use on the quality of electricity production in its territory.

Second Jorge Crespo (former, solar energy technician and permacultor) this training has as its motto the following idea "The cheapest energy is that it is not necessary to spend" e inclui some of the following syllabus:

A holistic view of energy use in human systems. The role of man in the ecosystems in which they live;
The challenges of the man in the XXI century. The Photovoltaic Panels, What they are and how they work, Types of Photovoltaic panels: Mono-Crystalline; Poly-Crystalline; Thin-Film, Egulators Solar Charge, The Energy Storage Stationary Batteries, Os inverters (DC / AC converters), Fastening Systems and Automatic Tracking / Manual, AC, Single phase / three phase, among others.

+ Information about the event here:


also related (Optional most fundamental) is participating in

Introduction to Electricity Workshop – as bases do(a) Electrical technician, morning 2 April



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