Natural Engineering with Carlo Bifulco

A 14 e 15 July, we are privileged to receive one of the leading experts at a global level in the area, or Carlo Bifulco, to a pioneering training in Natural Engineering.

The experience of Carlo does not fit in a publication: He directed the Vesuvius National Park, He was president of APENA – Portuguese Association of Natural Engineering, researcher at the Center of Applied Ecology ISA. It is director of the park Monti Sibillini, deeply affected by the recent earthquakes.

The Natural Engineering is a discipline of engineering driven Biology whose policy area are the geotechnical interventions and soil mechanics, fluvial and hydraulic engineering and forestry, as well as any constructive interventions compatibility level of natural systems with the use of pressure. It is concerned with the stabilization of slopes and escarpments, margins, dykes, landfill, as well as other areas of use and their protection against erosion.

For its technical and operational experience and the rare opportunity to receive someone like Carlo, this is one of the Ecovillage Year formations Janas.

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