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Craft Beer Workshop

24 October to 9:30 - 18:00

The brewing of beer is derived from the fermentation of starchy foods such as cereal malted (barley or wheat), a large amount of water and sometimes hops, yeast or even spices such as fruits, herbs or other plants. It is one of the oldest drinks of humanity and with many health benefits, especially if it is prepared in the traditional way and natural ingredients. In this workshop we will learn how to make beer by hand so you can make your own beer at home.

We continue to develop local production and to give the knowledge of this cottage industry in training under. We will have the provisional beer producer with us. One of the objectives will also be to pass on the experience of these producers., from the tasting of different craft beers.


Contents | Program

What are the beers, what is the homemade beer sub-branch

The main ingredients : and cereal malts, hops, yeasts and waters. Alcoholic fermentation

The brewing process from grain .Extraction of sugar from cereals

Boiling, cooling and addition of hops

Addition of yeast and fermentation

Recipes for different types of beer and evidence

Tips on care and problems, set-ups, suppliers and information sources


Exchange value

40€ * Withdrawals must be reported by 15 days prior to the workshops for total investment return.


All who want to learn in practice to make beer at home, out of curiosity or introductory as well as to all who want to develop and deepen brewing knowledge in a traditional and artisanal scale creating a value-added product. It is not necessary previous experience.

Former | Miles Scupiro

Portuguese-French to live with one leg in Portugal for many years and with the two for quite, I learned how to make craft beer in Lisbon, on the Internet, in books, with Margaret's LOVE beer that was formerly trained in Janas and especially in my kitchen called Interim. Brew three years ago with a home DIY process but increased amounts. Apart from the taste for drink, certainly developed by friends in Belgium the time the craft beer in Portugal still had no expression, at a certain point I started to organize home concerts and quickly I realized how hellish logistics buy industrial beers, refresh them to the maximum so that they drink without realizing the bottle bank and take the bodies the following day. In the middle of the vessel turned up a few bottles of LOVE and so discovered a new approach to the issue of autonomy and self-production, but it does not solve the issue of bottles. So for me the beer does not have to be a world center but life is much better if it is good.



24 October
9:30 - 18:00
Event Category:


CESA | Ecoaldeia de Janas


Ecoaldeia de Janas (Quinta do Luzio)
Street Luzio n15, Halloween cerrado
Sintra, Portugal, Sintra 2710-267 Portugal
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