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Curso de Apicultura com Harald Hafner

10 October to 0:00 - 8 November to 0:00

"Everyone should be interested in beekeeping, our lives depend on it ... .. " Guenther Hauk

The world of bees is fascinating. They provide us not only with sweet honey, one of the healthiest foods in the world, but they are also responsible for one third of our food and pollination of 80% two agricultural crops. Without bees our world will certainly be less rich in species, cores, various smells and tastes. In the last decades the honey bee has faced many problems and challenges that jeopardize both this and our food security, increasingly needing more of our help to improve their living conditions. Formerly every Thursday and had bees today, more than ever, we need many new beekeepers not only in rural areas, semi rural and gardens but also in urban areas.

With one component practice serious and methodical, This is a general course and advanced specially designed by professional beekeeper Harald Hafner, main trainer of the Ecovillage of Janas where since 2013 has trained over 200 students (beginners, amateurs, curious and professionals).


All people aware of the crucial importance of bees for human life and who are curious about the topic or want to initiate or deepen knowledge of beekeeping. Participation open to beginners, amateurs and professionals who want to complement their knowledge with Harald Hafner.


Dates Workshops Practical Complementary Course

[Can be done individually, by students who do not participate or have taken modules from the general course]

- Workshop de Beekeeping and Beekeeping Flora biodynamic | com Harald Hafner

- Workshop de Manufacture of bee products | com Harald Hafner (varieties mel, jelly, Propolis, hidromel, cera, Cosmetics, etc.)



How to participate?

General course _ (2 modules, 4 days) | 120 €

_ Complete Course = General Course + 2 workshops | 180 €*

General course _ + 1 thematic workshop | 150 €*

_ Only the Workshop themed Vulso | 40 €/workshop

_ Workshop Construction hive Lusitanic (It includes beehive) – Registration apart, contact geral@ecoaldeiajanas.org


_note 1 *the value of these workshops is already included a special reduction for participants complete course. Participation only these individual workshops does not include the discount for participants of the general course.

Ordering and pricing of beekeeping equipment

If you want to participate in the Beehive Building Workshop and / or order extra beekeeping material, get in touch with us as we have a partnership with Timberbee (the prices are the same and we have reduced delivery).

Food and stay

If you come from far and you need an extra service with room and board we have provided this support to participation in events. Get in touch for more information.

Former | professional beekeeper and naturalist Harald Hafner

Harald is our master beekeeper election and who has been following from the beginning beekeeping in the Ecovillage to Janas, since the installation of our own hives to the evolution of swarms and bee products that we have developed. It has trained over 200 students Janas and has actively supported the development of the Teaching Apiary of Janas.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We understand that sometimes occur unforeseen and you may not be able to participate in the course you paid. For these cases, provided with an early warning 10 days regarding the start date of training, We provide the following:

. Refund the amount paid for training

. Transfer to another course training schedule CESA

In this case transfer to purchase tickets from another training, any missing value should be paid in the period in which it is made. Any excess credit will be repaid or, if so choices, used to purchase a ticket from another training.

Refunds and transfers will not be available from the 10th day prior to the date of commencement of training. However, we will be happy to transfer your ticket to the name of another person to whom the offer wanna.



10 October to 0:00
8 November to 0:00
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Janas, Sintra 2710-267 Portugal
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