Sustainable agriculture

A Janas Ecoaldeia currently exists as um center of learning and practicing various techniques in sustainable agriculture. More organic farming (which is a concept and an own certification based on consumer safety), as we address issues and techniques:

  • agroecology
  • traditional agriculture
  • biofertilização
  • agroforestry
  • permaculture techniques
  • vermicomposting and composting
  • greenhouse production
  • nurseries and plant propagation vegetable
  • efficient systems Rega

Here we practice a mixed agriculture to self-subsistence is for creation of local economy, integrating motivated employees to work with the earth. Our gardens reflect this richness and diversity, and achieved today as a testing ground for agriculture, where coexist various techniques and soil types.

Our agricultural production is between 70 a 80% of our total domestic consumption, complemented with local and regional production of various producers we work with networked through Prossumidores Sintra.

Prossumidor = Produtora + Consumer. This is a group consumer and collaborative production with organic products / ecological sites and the region and already has 30 member families, 12 producers and 3 bulk grocery vendors.

More information about prosumers Sintra visit to the platform Bulk of Janas in:

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