Food and craft products

Nursing is essential to life ea Ecoaldeia principle of Janas tem make tasty meals and healthy food as the basis of all resident team and daily employees. The kitchen Ecovillage is also known for making tasty meals, creative, simple and healthy as well as a moment of encounter between the events participants, students, trainers, employees and the team.

We produce about 70 a 80% two foods we eat in the gardens we have been developing since 2012. This is the main origin of the foods that are introduced in our kitchen: variety in colors, flavors, species, sizes and nutritional characteristics. Acquired products abroad that we have no viability in producing (for example, cereals) local and regional producers.

At the same table we are keen to join different needs and eating habits and this is meeting that got the wealth and sharing of perspectives / diets.

Some of the home products we produce are:

  • conservation of surplus vegetables from the garden in pickles and choucrute
  • conservation of fruit jams, jams and syrups
  • pickles in various types of biological apple vinegar
  • choucrute e kim-chi
  • bread in the wood oven | wheat bread or rye or mixture
  • homemade sheep cheese
  • Kombucha, Kefir
  • apple cider and apple cider vinegar
  • craft beer
  • desidratados and sprouts
  • among others.

Most of these products can be purchased through a local network of producers and consumers of Janas in Bulk

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