The Ecovillage of Janas recognize the important contribution of beekeeping in maintaining a balanced ecosystem and resilient, and so the presence of bees as pollinators is part of a key policy area since the start of the project.

In the first year we installed Educational apiary Janas, one of the first apiaries in Portugal with a formative and educational nature. Right now we have two zones of apiaries with thousands and thousands of bees and which is open to the maintenance of beekeepers and curious learners of all ages.

They were already over 150 the graduate student as part of introductory training, General and advanced beekeeping and it was in this way that we were creating a network of beekeepers who ensure the continuation of our hive apiary. In collaboration with us we have the professional beekeepers and trainers as the experienced Harald Hafner.

Every investment, dedication and experience enables us to now production of honey and beeswax and other bee products and the provision of services collection and swarms of division.

Search activities and training in beekeeping in Agenda events.

Regular and annual planned activities twice a year

  • Beekeeping Course | Harald Hafner (5 modules, Long term, 3 months)
  • Workshop de Apicultura Topbar | Harald Hafner (1 morning)
  • Creative Workshop Queens | Harald Hafner (1 morning)
  • Masterclass de Apicultura Natural | Harald Hafner (1 morning)
  • Building Workshop Hives Lusitana |Afonso David (1 morning, It includes beehive)
  • Course Introduction to Beekeeping
  • Practical sessions open to the public
  • Open conversations and thematic beekeeping
  • Views for groups and schools

We also provide other Bee keeping services, as capture swarms, consulting and status check of hives and beekeeping equipment acquisition through partners Timberbee.


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