Natural building

On Ecoaldeia de Janas, a creativity and innovation reflected in large part on the nature of their construction infrastructures. We view this space as a laboratory and living example of several eco-building techniques applied and monitored.

All the walls already erected are the result of many employees residents and temporary, volunteers and participants of training or internships and who share the motto of "learn by doing".

Always using local and natural materials, They have been already applied Various techniques natural building as:

  • plaster in necessary and stone
  • cob (terra, straw and sand)
  • rustic stone
  • construction straw bales
  • construction of wood oven
  • construction of dry bathrooms
  • carpentry structures
  • Detail carpentry, mercenary
  • partition Chimes, acacia or filbert
  • wooden structures of various types
  • green roofs
  • Dôme and geodesic domes in wood
  • reciprocal roofs
  • yurts (tenda mongol)
  • stone floors and rustic brick
  • houses / shelters and cabins in wood
  • rustic fences, stone or natural hedges
  • stoves low-cost horticultural glass or English type


How can you learn and apply these techniques?

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