Social and Community

When we speak of social part too we speak of the sense of collaboration and cooperation between several people, capacities and needs.

The Ecovillage to Janas it is not an intentional community. It's a intended collective of people organized around a vision and clear mission to build a place of sharing and hands-on learning on various themes that materializes in a real and local economy.

We are a group of people (legally an Association) which is based on collaborative principles e do Community work towards self-help. Many of the members and employees are not permanent residents of the Ecovillage.

A social responsability It is an increasingly important part as an intervention area that exceeds the current scale of operation of the Ecovillage (Janas and Sintra region). Increasingly integration requests received, volunteering, internships and partnerships for new forms of media learning and long-lasting.

We are achieving public and inspire diverse social types, from young people seeking their first job or a different traineeship, unemployed, risk children and youth, among others.

Our sense of community is related to the concept of comunidades resilientes (urban, semi-rural or rural). This is a concept applied to territorial regions (vilas, villages, cities, streets, neighborhoods, etc.) with a sustainable energy plan long-term and applied to the local or regional level in order to relocate the services and resources.

This transition involves the resizing of origin, production and consumption of resources applied to this scale. At the social level is connected to increase the active public participation of the people involved, promoting again the sense of community of these villages, towns and cities.

Reuse of resources, encouraging the production and consumption of local products, energy efficiency, sustainable construction, education and social and fair economy are examples of areas of intervention to work with local villages and communities and regional.

How to collaborate and integrate local initiatives?

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