Sustainability and energy

The Ecovillage of Janas sustainability is addressed in its environmental, economic and social. We seek consistent and innovative solutions, actions that promote fair and respectful of nature values ​​and the social and cultural heritage in which we operate. Over the past years we have been giving increasing steps in implementing a energy sustainability plan, having already made significant progress:

  • the creation of a water management system: using the storage and retention techniques (lakes and tanks), reuse and cleaning (while herbal), among others.
  • installation of photovoltaic panels, solar-térmico, Construction water heating boiler, utilization of biomass and biogas,
  • the power level we see a significant increase in own food production and at the moment we are self-sufficient in 80% two foods we eat.
  • food is produced respecting the environment and using agro-ecological production techniques..
  • production and reuse of various sources of biomass material allows composting and recycling of organic matter, reuse for soil improvement and the addition of compost / manure in horticultural areas.
  • the presence of animals in the integrated system as an essential part in the functioning of the ecosystem: composed, manure, natural recycling vegetable matter, cleaning and fertilizing in situ landscape, products with potential local economy (eggs, milk, etc.), among other ecological functions.
  • the use of resources and natural materials as possible sites (ex: straw, woodchips, stone, madeira, etc.) in order to establish and create links with the local and regional population, improving and stimulating the local economy.
  • wood kitchen, the kitchen in solar oven and dehydrated food in the summer, heating homes with wood as a source of primary energy from cleaning and reuse of vegetable matter in the region.
  • among others.

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