Sustainable Janas Village

O Janas Sustainable born of a dream, the dream of a village in transition. A Transition Initiative is a local and community response to environmental challenges, energy and socio-economic of a region. When a group of people decide to unite and act to create a more resilient and sustainable local community, It is a local response to these challenges. A resilience is the ability to adapt and recover from adversity and shocks – energy, social, economic – It is flexible enough to adapt and evolve positively with the situation.

Sustainable Janas is a living example of a group of active citizens bringing together synergies (view, mission and cooperation) to create initiatives at the local level. At the same time inspire the creation of new initiatives by other citizens elsewhere, neighborhoods, cities, villages, etc. Sustainable Janas is a village in transition that is part of a network of cities which aims to create opportunities for local communities. The major driving forces for this movement are based on heavy dependence on fossil fuels, economic and social crisis and climate change.

As an active part of the network of cities in Transition we believe that change begins at home each, and so the Ecovillage to Janas also wants to be a lively and inspiring example of practical and visible solutions. When we say visible, we also believe in the local community, because we operate it and to inspire a creative and active local participation. Forms and areas of intervention are many.

Reuse of goods, encouraging the production and consumption of local products, energy efficiency, sustainable construction, education and social and fair economy are examples of important policy areas face the current challenges. act locally, think globally!

The Sustainable Village Janas born the active participation of citizens who engage in the revitalization of local life, supporting, forming and informing, while collaborating with government agencies in the region. By nature, It is a nonpartisan movement and independent horizontal and collaborative nature.