Educational apiary Janas


O teaching apiary Janas It is one of the first Apiaries in Portugal with a formative and pedagogical, open to amateur and professional beekeepers, students and beginners, employees and group visits and schools of all ages.

Initially for training, providing a number of actions including "general course of beekeeping", "Beekeeping practices sessions" and "training in creation of queens", also opened in 2015 the availability to provide visitors who want to know the fascinating world of bees and other pollinators.

Thus the visitor discovers Teaching Apiary, from the example of bees and bee, the incredible world of pollinating insects and the key role they play in plant reproduction, the sustainability of the planet and, consequently, in human life. also discovers the social organization of bees, Products originating and its various applications.

Along 3 years have been formed over 80 beekeepers being the Educational apiary Janas a place of sharing experiences among many current students, alumni and beekeepers, trainers and professional beekeepers. Through the apiary hives can follow up over time (during and out of formations) the bees lifecycle, maintenance of hives and product management in addition to all the educational component of the possibility of involving students, beekeepers and visits (schools and groups) continuously.

Characterization of Apiary

Our apiary is equipped with 12 Lusitanas hives and also hives "alternative" known as Top Bar hives e Warre hives. The hives are located in the grounds of Ecovillage to Janas, fully involved in nature and ensuring the minimum conditions of protection for residents and local people (Show location). protective equipment we have for beekeepers, students and visitors.


Activities and regular news

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The services

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In the context of beekeeping activity we have the following services:

Formation introductory, specialized or advanced in beekeeping

  • course (extensive) beekeeping (3 months)
  • introductory course in beekeeping (2 days)
  • sessions beekeeping practices (or midday 1 morning)
  • workshop building Lusitanian hive
  • workshop de apicultura Top Bar
  • workshop breeding queen bees
  • Advanced workshop on natural beekeeping
  • workshop of alternative treatments for varroa

Consulting in beekeeping area

Collection and transport of swarms

Visits to groups and schools: observation of the existing flora, debate on the importance and contribution of bees, observing the interior of a beehive with the identification of the different actors;

Selling products derivatives beehive, mel, extract of pollen and propolis, among others.