In Ecovillage to Janas a center of multi-disciplinary education and training has always been a central pillar in the vision and mission of the project. Our aspiration to create a non-formal education center was up materializing in the first year, facilitating training in various subjects: beekeeping, carpentry, natural building, horticulture and sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition, traditional crafts, carpentry, agroforestry, ecology, rehabilitation of ecosystems, Add water, environment and sustainability, planning and design in permaculture, among many others.

They passed through here already over 5000 students for practical learning experience and non-formal to a universe 150 very diverse training activities. Over three years we were also creating a panel of trainers and educators and many students were connected to this center, integrating and further developing the themes they have learned.

We want to make Ecovillage a place that inspires creative and practical wisdom of sharing among all generations. Our principles of non-formal education are closely tied to the nature of values, to work with the earth, the appreciation of traditions, innovation and entrepreneurship and learning “do-you-even”. With this vision we want to show practical solutions, replicable and accessible to all.

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