Permanent seeds


As Permanent seeds there since 2011, at which, the result of a new crop research work with potential for Mediterranean climate, we started to do some testing in Sintra. Now inserted into the Ecovillage to Janas, our little project of food sovereignty occupies the gardens of this community. Here are grown near 2 hectares of the best and oldest traditional varieties of vegetables in intercropping with some of the crops with greater impact and potential for productive agro-ecological systems and in balance.

seed list and plants online here!

About founder


I come from a village called Asturias Cornellana, after studying some anhos Agroambiental Engineering at the University of León, I decided to direct my life towards a simpler life, honest and satisfactory, it is to live on Earth and the Earth, so I began this project with the help of many people in the Ecovillage Janas, a place that offers the power and the knowledge to make this idea a reality. This project began in early 2014, translade when I finally moved to Sintra and I began to develop the selection, planting and maintenance of both rare plant, as traditional.

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