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We Janas nurseries you can find a variety of species diversity and quantity (trees, shrubbery, herbaceous, ornamental, aromatic, agricultural and even seeds) and carefully prepared in nursery plants with several propagation techniques and have a seed bank. Since 2010 that propagate species for various ecological functions from traditional seed varieties adapted to the Mediterranean climate and especially for creating agroforestry. 2013 It was the year that officially launched the nursery plants and seeds and gained a new dimension since 2015 with a campaign Crowdfunding for Nursery Agroforestry (see campaign here).


At Janas's Tree and Plant Nursery you can find a big variety of species (in diverstiy and quantity) for your garden, farm or agroforestry: trees, shrubs, herbaceous or ornamental plants, aromatic, agricultural crops and seeds. The nursery is prepared with propagated plants thru many technics (tree stacks, seeds, plant and tree pots, etc.) and we also have a big seed bank. Since 2010 we have propagated various ecological species, mainly for agroforesty aims. 2013 was the year we officialy launched the plant nursery that has gained a new and bigger dimension at 2015 with the Tree Agroforestry Nursery crowdfunding campaign (see it here).


ORDERS? | how to order?

Orders by email to geral@ecoaldeiajanas.org | Order by email to geral@ecoaldeiajanas.org

In 24 receives email with the order confirmation with payment details | In 24h you'll receive a confirmation email

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national shipping costs are 5 € + 1€ per plant | Shipping costs for Portugal are 5€ + 1€ per plant

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